25 September 2008

Estimation Model of Standing Tree Volume Using Integration of Taper Function for Meranti : Case Study in Forest Consessioner PT. KNDI North Sumatra

By :
Aswandi, Darmawan Edy, dan Dodo A. Suhada

Variability of tree stem forms limits the use of volume table and form factor in the tree volume estimation to specific species and location. The form factor of 0.7 that generally used in forest inventory today tends to produce a biased volume estimation, especially for non-linear stem form. This study is objected to find a more accurate model on the standing tree volume estimation by integrating taper function. Based on measurement of 424 sections of 89 sample trees, the proposed taper function and standing tree volume estimation models are:
where d : diameter at height h, D : diameter at breast height, h : measured height at certain point of the tree, and H : total height up to merchantable stem. Estimation of standing tree volume using this integration of taper function for meranti (Shorea spp.) produced high accuracy estimation and flexibility.
Keywords : tree volume, model, taper function, form factor, volume table, meranti

Telah diterbitkan pada Jurnal Hutan dan Konservasi Alam. 2005.
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